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Special Transport

Our top-quality Towing & Recovery Equipment can take care of any transport need that you might have. The brands that we use are Vulcan, Century, Chevron, and Holmes to ensure that you get the best Towing & Recovery Equipment on the market. 

Special Transport: Product

Conventional Industrial: 20 & 30 Series (Century, Vulcan & Chevron)

Century's 20 & 30 series carriers have long set the industry standard for hauling heavy equipment.

Miller Africa provides you with the best equipment and a variety of options that allows you to customize your equipment according to your needs.

These options include various deck lengths, apitong flooring, container packages, and additional key slots that makes your load and hauling combinations virtually unlimited. In addition, our durable design provides you with the comfort of knowing that your equipment will be reliable for years to come.

Conventional Industrial: 40 Series (Chevron)

The 40 Series comes standard with a 102" Wide Body, 1/4" Smooth Floor Plate (Steel Floor), Floor Level Sides, Heavy-Duty Approach Plates, and a Body Extension of 120".  

You can also choose from a wide variety of accessories, such as Bar Lights, J-Hook Chains, Mud Flaps, Magnetic Tow Lights and a Frame Work Storage Rack. 

LCG: 16 Series LCG™ (Century, Vulcan & Chevron)

The 16 Series LCG™ (Low Center of Gravity) carrier takes transporting to a whole new level! 

The patented design lowers the deck height from 5 to 6 inches over conventional carriers. The lower height results in a better load angle, better stability during transport and the ability to haul taller loads. It also increases operator safety because the operator can easily secure the load while standing on the ground. 

When mounted on most air ride chassis, with the air dumped, the 16 Series LCG™ has less than an 11° load angle, making it ideal for loading low-clearance vehicles or equipment without using ramps or wood. 

The new 16 Series LCG™ is available in 20.5’ to 26’ with a capacity of 16,000 lb. and a wide variety of options to fit your specific transport needs.

LCG: 20 Series LCG™ (Century, Vulcan & Chevron)

The 20 Series LCG™ Carrier uses a patent subframe design that lowers the deck 4” to 6” more than compared to most industrial carriers.

This lower deck provides:

- Increased Load Stability with Lower  Center of Gravity

- Lower Load Angle

- The Ability to Transport Taller Loads

- The Ability to Secure the Load with feet on the Ground

The 20 Series LCG™ is designed for a chassis with either Single or Tandem Rear Axles and Dual Rear Wheels. Deck Lengths are available from 24’ to 30’.

20 Series Brochure

LCG: 30 & 40 Series LGC™ (Century, Vulcan & Chevron)

Miller Industries has introduced a new LCG™ (Low Center of Gravity) Industrial Carrier. The LCG™ carrier is available in deck lengths from 26’ - 30’ with deck capacities of 30,000 lb. or 40,000 lb.

The carrier uses a revolutionary new patent pending subframe design that allows the carrier deck to sit 6” to 8” lower than conventional industrial carriers.  The low deck height allows for the transport of many loads that would be over height on a traditional industrial carrier and would need to be hauled on a trailer.

Additionally the LCG™ Carrier is more stable against sway and rollover, with heavier loads and provides a load angle as low as 11° making it ideal to load equipment and machinery. The operator is able to secure most loads from the ground without the need to climb up on the deck.

Titan: ZLA

The Titan® ZLA™ is a 30-Series industrial carrier with one amazing feature. This 30,000 lb. rated industrial carrier can serve as a conventional-style equipment carrier while also having the ability to lay the carrier bed completely flat on the surface. 

This ability is thanks to a specially designed hinge located along the front of the bed. The versatility provided by this feature is incredible, because it allows for loading and unloading of equipment while keeping personnel on the ground throughout. This helps minimize the risk for injury when loading and securing equipment. 

The ZLA™ features a powerful planetary gear drive system that helps to power through even the toughest mud and gravel during the bed deployment. Other features like the 20,000 lb. rated planetary winch and combination dock stabilizer/extendable tow hitch make the Titan® ZLA™ the next generation of industrial carrier.

Titan ZLA Brochure

Titan: Folding Ramp Flatbed

The Titan FRF (Folding Ramp Flatbed) has a 16,000 lbs. and has many optional features to choose from.

The Titan FRF comes standard with a 28' Length Platform, Dual Lift Cylinders, a 30,000 lbs. Deck and a 5" Deck Height above Chassis Frame. 

Titan: Crane-Boom Stake Bed Unit

Meet our all new 25’ stake bed unit with a Fassi® crane boom.

The stake bed features a 30,000 lbs. capacity and a hydraulically powered rear hitch with the ability to tilt up, down, extend, retract, and pivot.

The crane boom and hitch are ideal for lifting and pulling a variety of pieces of popular rental industry equipment. 

Titan Crane-Boom Brochure
Special Transport: Inventory
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