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Car Carriers

We have a complete line of side back carriers. These carriers can haul a wide range of vehicles, equipment, and machinery, with a deck length of 5.2 - 9.1 meters and a capacity of 4535.92kg - 18143.70kg.

Depending on your needs, you can choose between a Conventional or Low Center of Gravity (LCG) style carrier. 

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Car Carriers: Inventory

Conventional: The Right Approach™ (Century)

Over the past decade auto manufacturers have increased production of vehicles with lower ground clearances to improve aerodynamics, fuel efficiency and road handling.

The Right Approach™ allows the operator to lower the approach angle to 6°, making the use of ramps or wood planks obsolete. The Right Approach™ is a great example of innovative equipment that helps insure fast, efficient and safe towing and loading of vehicles.

Conventional: 10 Series Gen II (Century, Vulcan & Chevron)

Our 10 Series Gen II Carriers are designed with our customers at the forefront of the engineering process. The 10 Series Gen II Carrier is a prime example of that! 

With bed lengths from 19' - 22', impressive low deck height, an excellent load angle and superior center of gravity, this one-man-operation is a safe, profitable addition to any fleet.

Our 10 Series carriers are packed with practical features to provide safe and easy hauling of a variety of loads. They are available in several deck lengths and a variety of options that allow you to customize your carrier to your specific needs. 

Conventional: Extreme Angle (Vulcan)

The Extreme Angle allows the operator to lower the approach angle to 6°, making the use of ramps or wood planks obsolete. 

Simply lower the deck into position, release the handle, and raise the deck to lower the approach plate. The Extreme Angle is another example of innovative equipment that helps you ensure fast, efficient and safe towing and loading of vehicles. 

Conventional: LoadRite II (Chevron)

From exotic, high performance vehicles to low clearance vehicles, nothing is a problem for the LoadRite II carrier! 

The LoadRite features a unique "drop deck" design with a slopped tail section that improves the load angle an additional 3 degrees. For ease in securing your load, the LoadRite option on a steel carrier features bi-directional chain locks along the inside rail every 12 inches.

LCG: 12 Series LCG™ (Century, Vulcan & Chevron)

Experience a whole new dimension to transport with the 12 Series LCG™ (Low Center of Gravity) carrier.

The patented design lowers the deck height 5” – 6” over conventional carriers. The lower height allows for the transport of taller loads, such as forklifts or man-lifts, that may be over-height on a conventional carrier. It also provides better stability during transport. 

The operator can easily secure loads or tie down vehicles while standing on the ground, thanks to the lower height. When mounted on most air ride chassis, with the air dumped, the 12 Series LCG™ has less than an 11-degree load angle, making it ideal for loading low-clearance vehicles or equipment without using ramps or wood.

The new 12 Series LCG™ is available in 20.5’, 21’, 21.5’, and 22’ deck lengths with a capacity of 12,000 lbs. and a wide variety of options to fit your specific transport needs.

The LCG is engineered and built to exceed all expectations.

Car Carriers: Inventory
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